June, July and August 2018 Water Readings

  The water meter readings are now posted below.  The Board decided to post these during the summer months so owners can see how much water they are using.  We are also sending out bills for water use that exceeds 15,000 gallons per lot owned.  The billing will take place just over the summer months.  The purpose is to encourage conservation and to spread the cost of billing over those who use it most.  The charge is $0.0033 per gallon over 15,000 gallons per lot owned, plus a $10 admin charge.

  We encourage everyone to follow the watering schedule on alternate days during the irrigation season.  Even addresses may water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and odd addresses may water on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  Please use drought sensible landscaping whenever possible.  Check your irrigation system for leaks and proper timing. Check your faucets and toilets for continuous running.  Together, we can continue to supply fresh potable water to all the lots in Sun Country.

 Thank you,  Your SCMA Board