River Front Park


Located next to the Yakima River, this is a great place to relax or enjoy a picnic. 

Volunteer Park


Located along the ridge, this neighborhood park is a perfect place to view the Yakima River and the valley below. 

Highlands Mailboxes


Are you interested in learning more about reserving and buying a locked mailbox? Contact Property Chairman Ben Randazzo via email at suncountrymawebmaster@gmail.com

Pump House


We have a new well, and it is looking good. Tests are showing that the new well can pump almost as much as the other 3 wells combined. 

SunCountry Golf Course


SunCountry Golf is a wonderfully maintained 18-hole golf course that the Sun Country community is next to. Check out their golf deals, RV Park, and tee times by calling them at 509.674.2226.

2018 / 2019


Bogy's Construction is hired for community snow removal for Winter 2017 / 2018. Owners are responsible for clearing their own property and helping to keep easements clear for the snow plow. 509.674.8305.