River Front Park


Located next to the Yakima River, this is a great place to relax or enjoy a picnic. 

Volunteer Park


Located along the ridge, this neighborhood park is a perfect place to view the Yakima River and the valley below. 

Highlands Mailboxes


Are you interested in learning more about reserving and buying a locked mailbox? Contact the  HOA via email at suncountrymawebmaster@gmail.com

Pump House


We have a new well, and it is looking good. Tests are showing that the new well can pump almost as much as the other 3 wells combined. 

SunCountry Golf Course


SunCountry Golf is a wonderfully maintained 18-hole golf course that the Sun Country community is next to. Check out their golf deals, RV Park, and tee times by calling them at 509.674.2226.

Snow Removal


Owners are responsible for clearing their own property and helping to keep easements clear for the snow plow. The snow removal contract for community roads will be determined each  year by  the  board.